Special Needs

We’re in Cincinnati again tonight with the little guy. It’s a follow-up from his first appointment. We still have questions–maybe even more.

Like why can’t this now five year old sleep through the night? And am I starting to see anxiety in him?

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been here before with my oldest. Plus I’ve put in some time in the classroom and the field. What I see matters. What I think matters.

This is true for all parents of special needs children. Don’t ever let a doctor (or teacher or therapist, etc.) discount what you feel in your gut. My oldest son is 28. I have the benefit of experience. I know how it feels to wish you could go back and say, “No.” Or even, “Let’s wait a little while.”

You are the most important partner in your minor child’s healthcare. You spend the most time with them. You know when something is off. Find your place at the table and sit down and don’t get up until you’ve had your say.


This week I’m reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’ve only just started it, but she has me reaching for my pencil and sticky notes already. Today’s takeaway: You are what you consume.

Tonight I ate at Burgers and Crafts. Now the first time I saw this place I was thinking, “Crafts! What are we making?!?” Turns out they have tons of craft beers. Alcohol and chemo do not mix well, so I skipped the crafts. They have an awesome build your own burger menu, though. You can even get a turkey or veggie burger!

This is the Flying Pig, a turkey burger piled high with barbecued pulled pork, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion rings. Sound delicious? Because it was!

And these are Smothered Tater Tots. They’re baked super crispy, topped with cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, and real bacon bits. As G would say; Yummy in my tummy!!

One thought on “Special Needs

  1. First off — You are doing great with GG! I have been proud to call you a friend since the first time Ive met you! The Lord knew what he was doing when you and GG came into eachothers lives.
    Second—Love your name!
    Third— Thanks for the inspiration ( I have been wanting to do a blog for quiet sometime)
    Fourth— Have fun on your all trip!


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